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Volume Licensing

Simple | Flexible | Cost-effective

Volume Licensing Programs

In today's competitive environment, Corel aims to meet the needs of business, government and education customers, not only by delivering world-class products and services, but also by providing a high degree of flexibility in our licensing programs. Whether your company is a startup, a small or medium-sized business, or a large global enterprise, you can benefit from world-class products that are easy to learn and use, delivered with multilingual support, interoperable with major file formats and packaged at an affordable price. Optimize your investment in software and achieve long-term success with a broad range of industry leading graphics, digital media and productivity products.

Corel Transactional Licensing

Ideal for organizations looking for an easy, one-time purchase, Corel Transactional Licensing (CTL) helps you enjoy substantial savings by purchasing licenses instead of multiple boxes for your office. With no minimum purchase, no contract and no ongoing commitment, CTL offers a convenient, simple and flexible purchasing solution.
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Corel WinDVD Licensing

WinDVD is the enterprise standard for DVD playback, and the WinDVD Licensing Program is the most flexible, cost-effective way to deploy WinDVD over a network. This program simplifies license management as there is only one license and one CD key to administer. It also offers simplified software management, entitling you to free updates and upgrades.
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Make the most of your Corel software investment by taking advantage of Maintenance—the flexible, cost-effective route to software support and upgrade protection. Purchased in conjunction with your product license, Maintenance ensures that your software is always supported, convenient and up to date.
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