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Corel in Education

From elementary schools to universities, Corel is creating new possibilities in the classroom. We're making it easy for students and schools to get ahead by delivering cutting-edge software at the lowest price possible.

Choose from a full lineup of graphics, digital media and productivity software that includes some of the world's best known software brands—including CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, PaintShop Pro and WordPerfect Office. These products are perfect for learning the fundamentals and setting yourself up for success in today's technology-driven workplace.

  • Up to 96% off retail price for students and teachers
  • Award-winning graphics, digital media and productivity software
  • Apps for desktop, web and mobile devices
  • Products that promote fundamental learning
  • Industry-leading tools and compatibility
  • Engaging learning and instructional resources



Teach your students the fundamental skills they need for today's digital workplace and create a more engaging learning experience.
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Create your best work, find new ways to express your ideas, and learn the skills you need to stand out in the classroom and beyond.
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Affordable education software for MHEC Members

Special Education Pricing in 41 States
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Education Licensing

Find out about flexible and affordable licensing options. Save up to 96% off retail prices!

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